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Fidget Cube Website the resulting illness. And later due to the accumulation of more and more heavy dose, is Hua Fei s body is getting worse, so that there will be seen before the fetal movement red phenomenon, if continue to take, there will be even a large number of slippery fetal symptoms of bleeding. So confirmed by the imperial doctor, the phenomenon of Hua Fei Niangniang is taking these red flowers of the tonic, which led to the slide child. And those things, Zhu Gong Palace of the people agreed that Queen Queen was pregnant after Hua Fei, have been sent. But what Peach anxiously watching the creak Wu Wu s regular father in law, could not help but reminders. Often father in law, the emperor wants you to come to the palace, is not want to take the house to go to ask Yunqing has been quietly listening to Lingge et al eager to excuse, the surface surprised by the beginning fidget cube website gradually return Indifferent calm. She asked gently asked, obviously so dull, letting Changle heart next tight, some sad bowed his head, replied is not empress, the emperor is to let the empress fridge cube or you fidget cube website send a trusted The servant went back and confirmed, to see if those things were the goddess. Heart, suddenly sank, as early as that music has just been Chase, she should guess If he believes in yourself, why let people come to ask yourself Oh, the occurrence of such a thing is already expected, but his reaction, but contrary to their own expectations. The orig.surprised, listening to the Queen so sadly, the heart is clearly a bit, light The emperor Ninety five Extreme, Niangniang mother Miriam world.Zixian that the empress and emperor are transparent person , That is, the other day sober, it should be more beautiful scenery, fidget cube website people envy. I hope so. Yunqing went to go again before the deputy painting, carefully staring at the above self. Then gently hold up fidget cube anxiety stress relief focus the pen, ritual ink, micro a pen, in the painting down a line of words Conscientious sense of Jun pity, the situation must ask days. Oh, I like this painting.Zixian sister can give it to the palace Yunqing put a good pen, asked with a smile. Bai Zixian micro a blessing, should be said Goddess can be like, is the pleasure of sub Xian, and other ink dry, the sub Xian gave the empress sent. Yun Qing nodded, and then chat with the two burst, while the rear to leave. Sister, Queen Empress seems to mind it To be clear cloud left, has been cautious Jia 2 fidget cube Xianglian, watching the Queen gradually farther back, side whispered light asked. Sometimes it is not a blessing, the so called have the honor to lose more pains.The queen is a wise man, well aware of the depths fidget cube website of deep love, It seems that in this palace, the love is really the most troublesome thing is the fidget cube website queen, which had a dust that the indifferent temperament, and now it is also a kind of indifferent temperament, Because of love and lost the original bright and clean, and like.

the world, what is the point I say In fact, you are deliberately, deliberately do not let me take a good sleep Yunqing face a red, he was extremely ambiguous eyes to cause a flustered, helpless two people too close, he breathes almost Are sprayed on her face, let her face a red, but fidget cube website also quickly let Jun Yuan Xuan Jun flash, smiled more and more rich up. But felt his arms slightly forced a fidget cube website support, Yunqing body will be his sudden pressure to the body, scared her softly cry, the lips is a hot, he kisses will fall heavily. Yun Qing fidget cube adhd whole body Yi Chan, soon as Qingyin overflow, and that Ling Ling tongue will take the opportunity to drill into the mouth, x from her to clove small tongue, stimulating her nerve endings. The 238th chapter encounters sub Xian I know. Speaker facing the outside, often music should be heard. Gently holding Yunqing again lying on the reclining chair, the same breath some heavy, hot cloud of the dough. fidget cube sale Yunqing support up to think, but was Regulus Ze arm of a close, only to lie down again Regulus Ze arm, was his tightly in his arms, able to clear To hear the sonorous and powerful heart sound. Let me hold for a while. Chin arrived in the forehead of the cloud, the voice with a trace of dull and gentle, so Yunqing wanted to look up at his face, want to see his face at this time the expression, With a trace of their own can not detect the sadness. However, the idea is just a flash, the body has been e.htened himself up, looked up at his face Yunqing a look of gentle smile, the heart is heavy fidget cube website sank. However, her face is quickly raised a touch of quiet smile, bowed to the first Gong Sheng Xie Huang emperor loving Ms body now fairly comfortable, and so someday when the action is really stagnant, Please forgive the emperor and sister, the pride of the crime. Her words, not only Regulus Ze, Yunqing mood also slightly heavier, the body will subconsciously want to leave the embrace of Xuan Yuan Ze. Ms more than a gift. Arm of a tight, Xuanyuan Ze looked so humble to become He Ruowan, the mood is extremely complex. However, when the feeling of Yunqing so avoid themselves, the heart could not help sank, the sound is also a lot of instant cold. Yes, Chenqie understand. He Ruowan looked at him, or even so cold on their own, not help a tight palms, cover your sleeve under the fingertips, deeply pinch pain palm. However, she is sad to look at Regulus fidget cube all colors Han one, gently once again a blessing, then speak out against the Yunqing time is not early, my sister came to disturb the sister for a long time, and now the leave. Said, she was in the Yunqing some stared at the next, by Ning child leaning, respectfully out of the hall. The emperor should send Hua Fei sister back to the palace. Yunqing lightly looked at the side looked at the guilt of the man, the surface without any smile, the sound is so cold to Xuan Yuan Ze heart suddenly panic.lthough the envy of Zixian, but from the heart of the rainbow, The emperor as fidget cube website a king of the country, how fidget cube pink willing to only favor the empress, and out of favor next to the person.Because of the emperor s eyes, the empress of the empress, the empress of the fidget cube website emperor, Is the only one of the most outstanding woman. Bai Zixian quietly watching Yunqing, eyes reflected a touch of smile. This time the words of praise Yunqing sounds very natural, there is no general woman s praise and complacency, there fidget cube adults is no so called flattery. This woman, in the palace can maintain the calm state of mind, is fidget cube website also considered extremely rare. Yunqing chuckled, a deep impression on her sighed deep palace difficult situation love, love to the eighth of the most affordable, the palace fortunate emperor down love, more than willing to have enough. In fact, my sister had just said, only fidget cube for anxiety counted fidget cube website on the two points, the house is not that the best people in the world than I am much more excellent woman, but the moment into the emperor s eyes, became the lucky Bale. Empress just beautiful scenery, how to do so Bai Zixian looked at the front of the face of the beautiful woman exposed to light worry, heart under a move, feel blurted phase. Yunqing micro one shook his head, face with fidget cube website chuckle, not elaborate. Oh, light rain drizzle limit, not Chun difficult to control, why not drunk for the king, I m afraid when the sobering heartbroken. Goddess Bai Zixian heart.

Fidget Cube Website t go of the hand. Tightly clenched the palm of his hand, he was afraid of their own under an fidget cube release date impulse hurt her. A flick of his sleeves, he struggled to restrain their very burst of anger to the heart, turned and strode away to leave. He can not stay in her side, and he really afraid of an impulse will not accidentally hurt her. She even asked him to her how to do Damn, she went so far still do not understand their feelings, she now do not understand their own geocentric He asked her to take the initiative to tell her that she did not love others, only love themselves He asked her to take the initiative to say to her, her heart to no one else, only yourself However, she did not say anything, do nothing, even asked him, how should she do Damn, he s really going crazy She is so smart, she would not even see their own geocentric it If she really loves her, these words should be so hard to say it Or, because her heart there are others, so she did not want to take the initiative to say to her, she loves herself Miss, the emperor how he has gone Has been kept in the hall outside the Bi Tao looked looking black to the emperor looked angry door to go away, not help nervously ran in, puzzled to ask lightly. However, the clear cloud is staring in place to see the figure has not seen the door frame, the hands of the pen also quietly fall. A gust of wind then poured into, scratched the desk had just written by the cloud of rice pape.erm action and look depict so vivid, and also take the color palette of their own clothing and the color of the surrounding flowers are Lining of the red and green distinct, vivid mood. Oh, if not her painting skills, and that is her holding a flash in the pan, can be painted heart, vivid and charming. However, it is clear that the easel on top of the pen is just a branch of a very ordinary wolf Hao brush, is engraved with a support plum blossom pattern, only in addition to the pen was exquisite some, and unusual brush is not Any difference. Xie Reniang praise, Zixian ashamed, but the flower of the peony empress, Zixian is simply a picture of a beautiful woman in the city of Luochuan, The goddess of the wind induced charm.If compared with the real goddess, or a far cry from the sub Xian in the heart of this painting, there is no intention to see the Tiangong country color into the picture, really is the sub Xian fortunate, To a description of the Empress golden statue.If offending the empress of the Department, also please Goddess forgiveness. Bai Zixian smiled and murmured a poem, and then apologized to Yunqing. The attitude of Christine modest but not half of the restrained and restless, there is no other small main body of the harem so that the arrogance of the gas, so Yunqing not help secretly like. I remember this woman was Zengyin Caiqingjue and temper with a bit of their similarity, they recommended to the Xuan.

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