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Fidget Cube an gently to hold the arms of the woman, listening to his painful and firm commitment, heart, inexplicable bunched up. Meimou sadly down, slightly painful palm can not ignore the kind of heart difficult to suppress Shen Shen, only to hear Hua Fei more and more light crying, and that people from time to time whispered comfort I heard the sound of Chen Chuan, followed by Yunqing feet will listen to flutter Tom soon, a year about half of the year, the emperor, the empress, Royal fidget cube kitchen will respectfully kneel in the temple, facing the Xuan Yuan Ze and each knock on one, and then bowed to the first kneel there waiting for questioning. Yunqing nodded and heard, they heard Regulus Ze coldly opened the sound and asked Chen Rui, I ask you, today s Hua Fei lunch you can burn by yourself. Huai back to the fidget cube emperor, it is Chen Rui heard surprised, busy knock the next one, quickly answered. Xuanyuan Ze Junmou a cold, Chen Sheng said Well, then you talk about, Hua Fei s chicken soup among the added safflower Chen Chen Rui scared the body a soft, followed it will be heavily kowtowing for mercy the emperor see clearly, I do not know it Xuan Yuan Ze eyebrows a pick, the whole body immediately distributed an invisible gas, even his arms He Ruowan have been aware of, the heart is not under the secret bang jump. Chen Rui but royal palace in the royal kitchen, although the identity can not compare with those of the top imperial k.Then you call to hear Looked at her brightly red face has been low, some dissatisfaction with Xuan Yuan Ze raised her chin, to see her eyes first a panic, and then some reluctantly whispered a cry. Ok He looked funny at her embarrassed look, not to tease her, but she had low voice and vague, he is really not hear. Ze Yunqing looked at his eyes to smile, but also by his slight irritation, blushing again muffled a cry, they reached out to shake his hand, decided to withdraw from his three steps away. In his side, she found that not only do not breathe fluently feel, there is a way to make her heartbeat almost unavoidably almost excited. She was not used to this feeling, too ambiguous air, so she could not breathe. I to cloud children, and want to escape Long hands stretched out, he easily hook back to her body, in her Meimou to shame to gradually become angry when the good looking goes to the lips not help high rise, intake of Junmou fidget cube in bulk also reflect a little evil Laugh You have to voice the lack of love to feelings, I think, may need me. Said, his eyes will be more and more deep, Yunqing won in his kind of intake to Mouguang, breathe a tight, and then hastened to repeatedly call Ze Ze, Ze Feng Qing cloudless weather, the sun light sprinkle, the earth brilliance. Everything reveals the breath of life, fresh, fresh, blooming. Xuanyuan Yi quietly looked like flowers in the fairy like beautiful woman, is.

woman now When you hear Ninger said the emperor has been banned Jinfeng Gong, does not allow any person free access to the time, her Meimou not help fidget cube flash, lips also exposed a trace of a punishing smile ah, may have heard The emperor went to visit her No The emperor since yesterday from the empress here to leave, fidget cube they do not step into the Jinfeng Palace half step.I heard that early to get up early Lianya small main want to see her sister, are not allowed to enter The fidget cube prime same trick with the joy of planning, unknowingly, she has dissolved with the master as one. By now she will have students, if the masters unexpected, then she will not be hospice, fate may be worse than the master. So from the master step by step to do so many things to her to help her play the next one, she fidget cube for kids would have their own life and death with the master tied together. Even she was sent to the families of clothing clinging to make a threat to their own suzerain loyalty to the master when she forgot that it is a human life I can see that right, even if the emperor and then love her, as long as the conspiracy involved in the right technique, he can no longer tolerate her without reservation Yunqing, her end of her Not my opponent Blame blame, she should not rob me of the Queen s position she should not, take away my man All this, she is unworthy of her, if not her, I do not need to eat so much If not her, then I may really have a child He Ruowan looked.the odds of winning two more points. He Ruowan comfortable To rely on the back of the seat on both sides of the maid on behalf of their own by grinding the scapula, hands free to play on to armor, Meimou reveals a lazy light. That the empress is now the opportunity to win over the emperor geocentric, so that the emperor recalls the empress to good, as before, once again favor the empress Look at this smile to Goddess, Ninger heart is not easy many. Now the Queen of the Queen s fidget cube anxiety stress relief focus pet to the fidget cube things that caused the harem and the court to a lot of criticism, but Miss is not moving, does not seem to have been related in general, do not participate in those little princesses into the gossip. Rare today, the emperor and the queen began to alienate, all the concubines among the only Miss most likely to close to the emperor, if the lady take this opportunity to re close the emperor, that Miss will be a bit more chance of winning. Oh, Ning children you think is really naive. He Ruoyuan listened to Ning children, then it is laughing, but her smile is extremely disdain, let Ninger micro sense of surprise. But listen to her contempt You are now this idea is also among the many women in the harem idea, everyone wants to take this opportunity to close to the emperor, they also know that if the emperor really Yunqing dead heart, why The most light punishment should be to abolish the bit, into the limbo.However, he did not do fidget cube discount code so, and th.him to face, all the root because he is the emperor, all the burden, he must be provoked. He must also, to find out all the truth, even if it makes himself very disappointed, he can not fail to face. Lei brief embracing, silent atmosphere, allows Yunqing kind of trance. It seems that this is their last time so quietly embraced with him together, a silent cold field, was actually let each other do not know what to say, only the endless silence, in the vicinity of the continuous spread. Good sleep Xuan Yuan fidget cube Chak gently Yi Tan, or opened her hand, a kiss on her forehead light, turned and disappeared in the vast darkness. Yun Qing murmured lightly, looking at the tall figure of the man Hao disappeared without stopping in front of my heart share the bitter bitter is fidget cube price not stop to spread. A cold body cold, so that her arms slightly tightened, and fidget cube slowly lie down, light close the eye Chodo above, for the Woguo emissary of the Japanese emperor to the book, all the ministers agreed that when disregarded, just let the envoys with a message back to explain this is a small misunderstanding between the two countries, if Woguo regardless , That is to my days Que to provoke, the emperor can send troops to suppress, just to win Woguo at one fell swoop to expand the layout of the day Que. The emperor, the minister thought that Woguo small country is to take the matter to stir up trouble, the emperor if they should be, it will be.

Fidget Cube to take her to the palace, at the moment people are Chixia hall Lu An case back to the intrinsic, Yunqing listening to let out first looked at the woman, their own by the peach and so on for themselves Get up. Came to the hall, Yunqing see Lingge is a solemnly stand in the temple, see the cloud clear out, Bing Mei said Goddess, this woman is the palace of the inner maid palace, called Ming Caiyi, just this year Fourteen, just two years into the palace. Yun Qing nodded, went to that one is the water on the clothes are constantly dripping down the maid in front, obviously feel that ladies are shivering at the moment. You called Caiyi is it Tell the house, you have something hard to do, why do early in the morning to the river to commit suicide Lightly looked at the face that has a handsome and delicate young ladies phase, Yunqing condescending, The sound fidget cube of peace to the other side of the eyes flashed a different color, but quickly become infinite panic. You talk, ah, what to tell the Queen Goddess Well, Goddess will call the shots for you. Peach looked at this smaller than her girl, her fidget cube face scared and panic let her slightly pity, do not know this young Of a life, why so hard to commit suicide However, the woman is silent, fidget cube like being scared silly, just looked up and panic watching cloud, the body burst after burst of shivering. Look at her, Yunqing gently Yi Tan, carrying a lift sleeves, and told her to go first with a.hurt her, why she would like to give up the land to believe him If he is worthy of trust, but he is so stupid He would not even clear things in front of easily fidget cube blocked Jinfeng Gong, which makes clear how children do not hurt, which makes the world how to see her I do not lie to him I believe him Even if he is now blinded by others, it is also because he was where can i buy a fidget cube too tired, he has a good few days without a good rest Just give him time, just give him fidget cube prism A little time, I believe he will never be so not to debate, but will not easily allow any of those evil people to go unpunished Yunqing firmly sniffed nose, to understand their tears had just betrayed his own sad However, she really expected, Ze can do what they want, do a Ming jun. As for his love in the end how much she has been unable to go fine. In the way of love, although she hopes he can spend the rest of his life, but it is clear to understand that it is impossible. She is infatuated, she is naive, but they always understand that the emperor s love is difficult long She and he, and finally to accept all fidget cube video the facts fidget cube and pressures, only love in the moment to be able to love each other will be good. You Regulus Moyu moment language startled, he clenched his fists tightly, narrow Dan Fengyan outline unlimited lamentation, some helpless, some heavy look fidget cube lowest price at her. This is her his beloved Qing Er A let him fidget cube love, hate the woman She is so kind, she is so silly To have her and her love.

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